You might have missed the modern pentathlon last summer in London, where only 26 countries participated in the combined shooting, horseback-riding, running, swimming and fencing event. In the same Olympics, there were wrestling medalists from 29 countries. In other words: more countries won medals in wrestling than competed in the modern pentathlon. Globally, the TV audience for wrestling averages 23 million viewers. The modern pentathlon averages 12.5 million.
nalunk miert nem ilyen a szexualis felvilagositas? :D:D:D

nalunk miert nem ilyen a szexualis felvilagositas? :D:D:D

Echolyn - Speaking in Lampblack (by ncprog)


Kyle Baldock Phantom Camera Shoot (by monsterenergy) ahhhh nagyon patent!!! 
1000000x megtudnám nézni! 

Tori Amos feat. Maynard James Keenan - Muhammad, my friend (by DonecVlad)

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